Adress of Happiness

Our mission is to deal with issues that concern individuals, families and communities with an uncompromising attitude to creating exceptional living, working and recreational environments.

High Quality Products

We provide luxurious and elegant design in harmony with the surrounding architecture and the best living conditions for every family.

Green and Clean Environment

Hayat Group has built every urban area on the basis of "a place that lives in harmony with nature" with harmoniously designed and arranged greenery, parks, squares and water surfaces.

Humanitarian Community

Hayat Group contributes to the creation of civilized, class, building relations for the cultural and the city in housing projects.


Lotus Towers

Başakşehir, Istanbul
  • Continues

  • 774 m²

  • 34000 m²

Minaret İstanbul

Başakşehir, Istanbul
  • Continues

  • 4115 m²

  • 2500 m²

Mine Apartment

Beşiktaş, Istanbul
  • Completed

  • 750 m²

  • 3.200 m²